Garden of Hope

A permaculture organic garden done by Hope Farm for Hope School.

So the garden was on the Hope School wish list. Hope School is a HIV affected non government funded school with 185 children up to Grade 6.

We then approached Johnson and Johnson to help as we form part of your community and are about 1km away from yourselves and the school, as well as Coca Cola which also falls within our community

They both sponsored us and we have put this project together…..

We started the GARDEN OF HOPE in June 2015 and our goal is to maintain it for 1 year until we can hand it over to the schools caretaker. It is totally organic from the seeds and seedlings that are planting to the compost they grow in.

It is to aid the school in their veggies for the kitchen which then goes into meals for the children. And what a better way than feeding them organic food!! Fresh from their own garden.

We have also done 3 compost pits and 2 worm baths that will be used to “feed” the garden with rich compost and worm tea.

We would also like to turn this into an outdoor educational tool for the school and the children. I would like to also register the school with WESSA – Wildlife and Environmental Society of South Africa and turn it into a Green School with a Green Flag Status but that we would need a sponsor for.

We would like to put gardens such as the one we have done all around the school with a fruit tree orchard so that it maybe can be sustainable fruit and veggie wise in time to come.

Doing community work like this, putting back into our community, is all worth it when you can see the benefits to the environment and to the community affected.